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Folded Owl provides bookkeeping and marketing services for creatives, freelancers, and micro-business owners nationwide. We specialize in making your work life more enjoyable.




Basic Bookkeeping

Basic bookkeeping is for our clients who are low transaction volume or like being in charge of certain aspects of their business finances, but want a little help doing the parts they don't enjoy. Accounts are reconciled monthly and reports are produced quarterly.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Full service bookkeeping is for those who have higher transaction volume or want to get all of their business finances off their plate. Accounts are reconciled and reports are produced monthly. We also make ourselves available for strategy sessions and help with your budget.


From social media to event planning to public relations and advertising, we can help you with almost any marketing need you have. Targeting your audience and dream clients is our favorite and we customize packages for each client. Your business is unique and you deserve to stand out.  

Additional Services

Additional services are offered to address the needs of our existing clients, including Payroll and Virtual Assistant services. Need help with something for your business that you don’t see listed? Send us a message and we’ll talk with you about the possible solutions - whether that’s adding the service you need or referring you to someone we trust. We are in the business of solving problems so you don’t have to.




We work with clients who make a difference - through their work, their art, their charity, and their actions. Making the world a better place is part of our culture and we love clients who believe in that, too.


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