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This is for all of you who have businesses taxes to file for 2017, but haven't had the time/energy/desire to maintain your books for the year. I've seen so many clients in this situation who experience a lot of stress and wasted mental energy in the early months of the year because of it. So let's make that go away for you and funnel that energy into your business. 

I normally charge $84/hour for catch up work, but for our BOF community I'm offering a 50% discount of $42/hour to the first 20 of you who sign up. 

Please note that this is only for organizing your transactions into actionable reports for your CPA. I do not provide any tax services. My deliverables to you are: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and General Ledger - all for FY 2017. Should your CPA request additional reports or information in order to file your taxes, I am happy to provide those.

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