Services for Designers

Designers are some of our favorite creatives and your business has unique facets that require a different approach to your administrative functions. Maybe you’re not only a designer. You might make fixtures, sell furniture, curate art, or have a show room. All of these things require special attention to make sure you’re accounting for and marketing them properly.

We know how to manage your finances and tailor your messaging to make the most out of all the things you do. Your work is beautiful - your books and marketing should be, too.

Keep reading to discover how our bookkeeping and marketing services can elevate your already gorgeous business.

About our Services

Since its founding in 2011, Folded Owl has helped business owners across the country by taking on various administrative functions that were zapping their productivity and creative flow. We save people not just the literal time it takes to perform these activities, but also the time they spend dreading them.


Like hips, data don’t lie. We’re analytic fanatics, constantly tuned in to reports, strategically tracking and analyzing outputs, while you’re hard at work on your craft.

Whether you’re looking to expand your company, cut back on expenses, prepare for tax season, or set up projections and benchmarks, our bookkeeping services make your life easier and you happier.

Our marketing strategies elevate your brand by developing and executing unique and authentic digital marketing that engages new fans and established supporters. We identify what resonates with your audience and display a genuine social voice by telling the story of your why, your vision and your goals.