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How you can help

When I started planning for 2018, I decided my word for the year is "help" - giving it where I can and asking for it where I need it. I sure didn't expect that I'd be getting so much practice at the asking for help part of that equation! As you can imagine, a cancer diagnosis at 38 was not only unexpected but a major derailment of our plans for the year. What that means for us as a family is that we're having to reallocate already tight resources to making me well. We are so fortunate to have the support system that we do and we're beyond grateful for everyone who has reached out asking how they can help. Below is a list of the resources we need most. 



Gift cards fill in the gaps

If you need an email address use The rest are linked up directly to buy cards or give. Gift cards for Postmates, Whole Foods, and Target are great if you want to help us acquire basic items and groceries. Go with an Amazon card if you want to entertain me with things like seasons of The Office and Harry Potter movies. CashApp is perfect if you'd like to help us cover medical costs and lost income due to me having to scale back my client load.



From our family to yours, thank you.

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