I'm Franklin – let's save money together.




Bookkeeping can be terrifying if you don't know how to perform it properly. I'm not an accountant, but I work alongside them very well. (I've got the absolute best lined up for you if you're in the market for a CPA)

You give me your financial transactions and I get them ready for your accountant to work their magic. This saves you tons of time and money. No more stressing out in April or beating yourself up for letting the bookkeeping go all year. You'll be delighted to see how much happier you are when you get this off your plate.

Beyond transactional record keeping, I keep your bills paid and vendors happy. If you need help with invoicing, I'm on it. All in your voice and branding. 


Payroll doesn't have to wreck your life. I work with businesses to keep their payroll woes at bay and money landing in employees' bank accounts on payday. 

Monthly payroll service includes direct deposit, payroll tax filings and deposits, unemployment reporting and fee payments, paid time off tracking and employer reports to keep you up to speed on your total payroll costs. You and your accountant stay well informed of all transactions that take place. 

Add-ons available for an additional fee:

  • Hard checks in lieu of direct deposit 
  • Human Resources consulting 

Personal finances

Get your bills organized and paid on time, create a living budget, debt payoff strategy, and financial goal setting. This does not include any kind of investing - that's best left to the pros. But we can all work together as a team to get you on the path to financial security and freedom.

While this feels like a service for the rich and famous, I promise it's more affordable than you think. If you're not good at managing your personal financial life let's talk about how I can help. I'm aligned with amazing professionals who work wonders for people as well as businesses. As a team, we can help make your money nightmares a thing of the past.