Left Meets Right in the Middle


We use both our left brain and our right brain to assist you, so you can use your whole brain to focus on what you do best.

Folded Owl provides bookkeeping and marketing support for freelancers, micro-businesses, makers and doers. We care about your creativity, your vision and your contribution to your community. We help you maximize your time and energy so that you can make a difference and leave your mark. Let us handle the parts of your business you want to avoid while you enjoy the parts that you love.





Whether you need just a little help managing your bills or don’t want to deal with your finances at all, we have a bookkeeping service for you. From strategy sessions to budgeting, hanging you will not be left.


We know how to effectively communicate your message so that you attract your dream clients. From social media to event planning to public relations and advertising, we make sure your marketing hits all the notes just right.

Contact us to discover how our bookkeeping and marketing services can ease your workload and help you thrive.




Based in Oklahoma City, Folded Owl provides bookkeeping and marketing services to clients across the U.S. and beyond. We work with people who make a difference - through their work, their art, their charity, and their actions. Making the world a better place is part of our culture and we love clients who believe in that, too.

Shelley Leveridge

Shelley Leveridge

Left-brained CEO Shelley Leveridge has your bookkeeping needs covered. Even as a child, she loved filling out forms and creating order out of chaos. After 15 years in administration, Shelley founded Folded Owl in 2012 to provide freelance bookkeeping to creatives and entrepreneurs. She cares about people and the good they pursue with their lives.

Right-brained Marketing and Business Development Director Skye Latimer has a gift and passion for thinking creatively to develop marketing content and strategy for her clients. She loves that everything can be inspiration for social media. She finds meaning in helping clients tell their story in an effective way. Her natural ability to use your voice gives your marketing the authenticity it deserves.

Skye Latimer

Skye Latimer

We find meaning in building deep relationships and helping entrepreneurs succeed. We value community, service and your dreams. Let us help you make them a reality.
— Shelley and Skye

From teaching workshops for those who are just starting out, to creating a strong foundation that will help our clients grow beyond Folded Owl, we believe in making our services accessible and in empowering our clients.

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