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Folded Owl provides an array of business support services for freelancers, side hustlers, creatives, and small businesses nationwide. We specialize in bookkeeping, payroll, marketing, and virtual assistant services that are all designed to make your work life more enjoyable.

For individuals we provide personal finance mentorship and bill paying services to help you to feel empowered about your money. We put our love of budgeting, debt reduction, and healthy money mindsets to work for you.




Basic Bookkeeping - starting at $237/mo

Basic bookkeeping is for our clients who are low transaction volume or like being in charge of certain aspects of their business finances, but want a little help doing the parts they don't enjoy. Accounts are reconciled monthly and reports are produced quarterly.


Full Service Bookkeeping  –  starting at $497/mo

Full service bookkeeping is for those who have higher transaction volume or want to get all of their business finances off their plate. Accounts are reconciled and reports are produced monthly. We also make ourselves available for strategy sessions and help with your budget.


Virtual Assistant  –  $33/hr

Bookkeeping isn't the only thing you can get off your plate. Our virtual assistants are detail-oriented to-do list eradicators who can help you with a wide variety of administrative tasks. Anything you would hand off to an assistant (if you had one) can be handled by our team.   



Oh how I wish I had started using Folded Owl sooner! I had so much anxiety around potentially doing it wrong. Now, instead of feeling like there’s this huge bookkeeping and payroll stress looming in the background I feel like I’m in charge and on top of it.
— Julie Scott, The Spy FM
I feel good about the business side of things for the first time in a long time, and it frees me up to focus on growing the big picture.
— Name Here
Testimonial quote. Maecenas rhoncus augue nisi, id suscipit arcu luctus varius.“Having someone that is watching your back while you work to maintain a business is priceless. Folded Owl provides the support any business owner needs to allow them to stay on task and have the current financial framework available make educated business decisions.
— Deanne Franzen, Lawyer & Mother of one
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— Pablo



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